Putting a Spring in Your Step this Season

So it's come to that time of year again, where we're thinking about our holidays, sunbathing by the pool or a beach, and keeping our fingers (and toes) crossed that the British weather will be kind to us this summer. I say it's come to that time of year again, as it happens in January [...]


How to Find Your Perfect Bag

I'm usually a one-bag-girl. Not in the sense that I only have one bag, oh hell no. But when it comes to my everyday bag, I don't switch up my bags very often. I will most likely wear one bag continuously, until I find the next bag of my liking. Any particular reason? Yes, laziness. Not going [...]

February Favourites

Hello all! This blog post I am wanting to share the products I have been absolutely loving throughout February and want to rave about it to you all. Read on for some secrets and product recommendations on how I nourish my hair and skin. And who knows, you might be loving it this March! Haircare Bumble and Bumble [...]

How to Style Jewellery From Day-to-Night

Up until the last 3 years or so, jewellery really wasn't my thing. In fact, accessories weren't my thing. And if anything, I used to forget to accessorize my outfits. However, when I started to interpret jewellery and accessories within my style, I quickly realised that something so simple, such as the small detail of necklaces, [...]

A New Chapter

Why hello there, stranger. So, it has felt like an extremely lengthy time since I last published a blog post... and that's probably because it has been an extremely lengthy time. Normally I would bombard you all who kindly do take the time to read my blog posts with apologies, excuses and how I am embarrassed at [...]

Stylist Live 2016 – A Festival of Inspiration

Stylist magazine has been my post gym routine pick-up (and also my post gym pick-me-up on those lethargic days) for over a year now, and as some of you may know, I attended Stylist's very own magazine event last October, Stylist Live. Finding out that Stylist, my favourite magazine that I religiously collect, was holding a [...]

Coffee O’Clock – 7 Top Coffee Places

What's your kind of drink? Tea? Coffee? Juice? Or maybe a glass of wine on a stressful day? If it's the latter, I feel you. Just over eighteen years I had been a religious tea drinker. Every morning before school/college I had my breakfast cuppa, and it would be the only hot drink I would order in a café, [...]

3 Quick & Simple Veggie Recipes

Hello all! I haven't blogged about food for a long time, so I thought that I'd change things up this week and give you a few of my favourite meals to cook at uni, (especially since going veggie). If I received a pound for every person that said to me "you'll be living off 19p noodles" before I [...]

Guide to Finding Your Own Style

Hello all, firstly I hope you all had a lovely Easter break, and haven't drowned in too many chocolate eggs. I certainly didn't, because my two (*crying emoji*) lasted me about 10 minutes. And if you think I'm eggxagerating, then the yolk's (joke's) on you. Eggxcuse the awful puns. I'm here all week... *tumbleweed travels across your [...]

Going Veggie

Hello you wonderful people! I just want to start by profoundly apologising for the lack of posts recently- exam season was absolutely manic, and cramming, coffee and snack food seemed to be my best friends for three weeks. Not to heartbreakingly mention that Netflix, socialising and anything non-revision related had to become my worst enemies. [...]

5 Sayings That Were Never Cool. EVER.

Rewind back to the inevitable period of your life when you thought you were a 'cool' kid. Don't deny you didn't have one because we all have had them; some probably stronger than others. And although I'm sure it is part of your life you have hoped to have long forgotten, I'm afraid I'm going [...]

5 Things I Love About Christmas

The other day I overheard someone in a coffee shop bewilderedly gasp "It's only five more Monday's 'til Christmas!", which got me thinking about Britain's favourite time of the year. I can already hear some of you moaning "but Christmas is still a month away!". Yes, Christmas is still a month away, I hear you loud [...]

Escapism Never Felt So Sweet

The phenomenal sensation that ripples through your body, shivering your existence with appreciation. The sinking into the ground feeling, whilst also feeling on top of the world. The ecstatic warmth surrounding your heart that glows proudly as you shout every lyric as loud as your wavering vocals will let you. That's the feeling of seeing your favourite artist [...]

Are Humans Greedy For Wanting More?

Autumn. Thinking about it, I have never really appreciated autumn before. It's the same with spring, in fact. Autumn and spring just seem like one of those transition seasons that you don't really remember once it's passed; you're too busy reminiscing the sand between your toes, sun clinging to your skin. Or the competitive, stubborn [...]

#STYLISTLIVE Magazine Event

Only in the past six months I have discovered Stylist magazine, and Saturday 17th October, I had the immense pleasure in attending their very own StylistLive magazine event in (my favourite place in England; London, of course). Rewind back six months, where my motivation for my summer beach bod was ridiculously sky-high, and after every Monday session at [...]


Language (or sometimes known as imagery) techniques are used for impact when it comes to any type of creative writing. Some I prefer more than others, and it's okay to be critical on the least favourites... right? I'm aware this probably seems incredibly sad of me, to rank my worst to best language features, but what [...]


So as stated in a previous blog post, I was accepted into Cardiff University in August... and how time flies, because it's already October 4th, meaning that I have now been studying at Cardiff University for two whole weeks! Anxious with what to expect (or should I say, what not to expect) at first, I have [...]


The other week I had a few days off of work and I decided to take a trip to the Book Barn International on Wells Road in Bristol/Avon. The sun was shining and I had such a tranquil afternoon, browsing through the thousands of books and endless shelves. I went alone because I love exploring [...]


Be known to some of you (perhaps all), but I am a HUGE fan of indie/rock band, Foals, and Friday 28th August 2015, they released their fourth album, What Went Down. I have loved Foals for years now, and the first time I heard their beautifully tranquil, Spanish Sahara, it has been my favourite song [...]


Cornwall might as well be be in the dictionary as a synonym for relaxing, because it is a place particularly attracted by slow-moving coast-loving holiday makers, dipping in and out of unique, vintage shops (like me!). Last year I discovered a cosy little pub hidden behind the buzzing town of Falmouth, Cornwall, which is not [...]


I'm on holiday at Cornwall, England, at the moment. Yesterday we travelled to Fowey Harbour where we sat in the cutest little coffee shop and ironically had tea and cake. Here's some pictures of the beautiful streets of South England. We headed to St. Ives on the Monday, where we caught the train into the harbour quay, [...]

The Importance of Not Going To The Gym



Photography by Ryan Winterbotham

The pressure to exercise has been growing rapidly over the past few years. The expectation to be active, fit and healthy is higher than ever. When I first started this blog it was a 50/50 split of Fashion and Fitness. That’s something I recently announced I’m going back to.

I will always love exercising and always highlight the importance of it. But to kick off my process of going back to 50/50 Fashion and Fitness I want to start by highlighting the importance of not going to the gym.

One of the side effects of grief is loss of appetite. I’ve suffered with this greatly. Since Dylan died I’ve been trying hard to eat enough and eat regularly but it’s been a struggle.

With this post I wanted to share the message that if you haven’t eaten enough, you should not go to the gym. Not only…

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