Be known to some of you (perhaps all), but I am a HUGE fan of indie/rock band, Foals, and Friday 28th August 2015, they released their fourth album, What Went Down. I have loved Foals for years now, and the first time I heard their beautifully tranquil, Spanish Sahara, it has been my favourite song ever since. I am seeing them play on their tour in Cardiff in November and excited is an understatement. So the day, What Went Down came out, I especially went to HMV and bought my own copy. What a phenomenon is all I have to say to sum up the incredible new album.

“this is only the beginning for Foals”

The group of five; Yannis, Jimmy, Jack, Walter and Edwin formed in Oxford, England, releasing their debut album Antidotes in 2008. The band have come a long way since their first record and through various interviews, singer and guitarist, Yannis Philippakis voices that this is only the beginning of Foals.

Foals claim that their new album’s music is a step up from their previous I albums, and their “pop” songs will be “poppier” and their “heavy” songs will be “heavier” (as quoted by Yannis Philippakis). And indeed, he is right. Tracks, Snake Oil and eponymous What Went Down are definitely the heaviest tracks on the album, parallel to heavier tracks Inhaler and Providence from previous album of WWD, Holy Fire. I am impressed with the amount of tranquil tracks also, including Give It All, London Thunder and A Knife In The Ocean, tracks that sound even more beautiful at 3am in the morning. And last but not least to mention their groovy Foals-esque-trademark-type of music with their playful guitar riffs and bouncy bass in the background, Birch Tree, Albatross, Night Swimmers and Lonely Hunter, parallel to tracks such as My Number (Holy Fire album), Miami and Total Life Forever (both from Total Life Forever album).

Foals also played a secret-not-so-secret set at Reading and Leeds festivals 2015, playing six songs, some from their new album. Crowds went crazy for the five-piece band, their set looked insane. I am particularly looking forward to their concert in November that has completely sold out, Foals have yet again made us Foals fans extremely proud.

Check out Foals on www.foals.co.uk



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