#STYLISTLIVE Magazine Event

Only in the past six months I have discovered Stylist magazine, and Saturday 17th October, I had the immense pleasure in attending their very own StylistLive magazine event in (my favourite place in England; London, of course). Rewind back six months, where my motivation for my summer beach bod was ridiculously sky-high, and after every Monday session at the gym, my favourite familiar post-workout feeling was always accompanied by picking up my free weekly Stylist magazine. During my gym body blast, I aimed to workout five times a week and eat endless vegetables, but inevitably that was short-lived. Want to know why? Cake. Always. Wins. So when my morale proved to be low and Netflix got the better of me, the thought of receiving my Stylist magazine would somehow dig out an ounce of motivation to go to the gym. Too many times I reluctantly pulled the warm quilt covers off, let my feet touch the chilly laminate flooring and brushed the biscuit crumbs off my pyjama shirt to go to the dreaded Place of Sweat. The Gym. However I finally approved my once-thought reckless decision when my exhausted body was sat in my pyjamas with my freshly washed hair wrapped in a towel, reading my copy of Stylist. I introduced Stylist to my best friend, Charlotte, and she would also religiously pick up a copy each time she went to the gym. We would even pick up a spare copy for one another when we were on holiday, unable to access the Stylist magazine pile in the gym (now that’s commitment, if you ask me). With an abundance of copies of Stylist stacked up on my bookshelf, each week would welcome a new member to the pile; and when I found out about Stylist Live, I knew it was something I couldn’t miss out on.

After purchasing the Stylist Live tickets online with Charlotte, it was only the matter of waiting (eagerly) until the special weekend arrived. Even though it was just a day trip to London, I still had an appearance of Early-Morning-Before-Holiday-Excitement that everyone’s experienced, knotting inside of my stomach when I woke at 5am to depart for London. When we reached the Business Design Centre in Islington, huge images of Stylist Live advertised the event, making the experience seem much more professional and official. I’m pretty sure I squealed with excitement as well. Multiple times. I felt somewhat exclusively important. I felt official, attending the event of a magazine I (much like so many others) read on a regular basis.

When we walked onto the top floor balcony of the main building, we were greeted by the most phenomenal view. Giant characters spelling out ‘STYLIST’ and blown up canvases of Stylist magazine front covers were hanging from the ceiling. The open ground floor below us was maze-like with the booths containing mini boutiques and well-known brands such as Clarins and Benefit make up stalls (I felt my purse wince slightly). A complimentary glass of champagne and Stylist bags were given out to every Stylist Live ticket holder. The enthusiastic atmosphere unwaveringly buzzed throughout the entire day, and at least everyone seemed to be inspired by the busy events which were taking place. Who wouldn’t when you have a make-up artist from NARS showing you how to achieve an autumn berry smokey eye? I wanted to whack out my make up bag there and then and try it out! Workshops, talks and make up tutorials were held throughout the day, as well as a catwalk show in sponsor of Swarovski Crystals. The catwalk was one of the highlights of the day for me at Stylist Live, as not witnessing a catwalk before made the new experience seem much more surreal and impressive. I felt like I was part of the Made In Chelsea cast (which felt incredibly good I must say). Due to the high popularity of the workshop talks, it meant that they were first come first serve; however we managed to get into the How to Write a Crime Novel talk by Kate Griffin, where she discussed her experiences, dos and don’ts, and advice on how to write a gripping crime novel. The engaging discussion was hugely inspiring for every single person in the room, and I’m pretty sure that I wasn’t the only one who walked out of the talk wanting to immediately sit down at a desk and start writing my own thriller crime novel.

Stylist was definitely an event that I shall never forget; the organisation was so well thought out and every single member of staff were friendly and animated. I hope that Stylist Live is an event that will occur yearly- I’d definitely be there without fail! I have a lot to thank Stylist for; for forcing me to stop being so lazy, for providing my evenings with something to read after my dreaded workout, and most importantly, for not only putting on such a fantastic event, but for also providing me with such motivation and inspiration to continue working hard to work in the magazine or publishing industry. Thank you, Stylist.

Photo 17-10-2015 10 26 24 am  Photo 17-10-2015 5 53 31 pm  Photo 17-10-2015 10 48 40 am  Photo 17-10-2015 1 41 19 pm Photo 17-10-2015 1 29 04 pm Photo 17-10-2015 1 41 23 pm 

Photo 17-10-2015 10 22 15 am  Photo 17-10-2015 10 48 45 am


Photo 17-10-2015 10 55 09 am Photo 17-10-2015 11 06 11 am

Photographs by: Rachel Jefferies


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