Escapism Never Felt So Sweet

The phenomenal sensation that ripples through your body, shivering your existence with appreciation. The sinking into the ground feeling, whilst also feeling on top of the world. The ecstatic warmth surrounding your heart that glows proudly as you shout every lyric as loud as your wavering vocals will let you. That’s the feeling of seeing your favourite artist live, believe me.

Sunday the 8th November seemed so far away; yet when it appeared, eleven-forty a.m. I found myself waking up accompanied by a hangover from hell (a common occurrence during the first year of university I have realised), thinking that it would be another wasted pyjama-Sunday of Netflix and course reading. After about five minutes of coming to terms with the conscious world, I realised that today was the day. Today I finally got to see Foals.

Fast forward eight (relatively unproductive) hours, and I’m standing outside Cardiff Great Hall with housemate, Pete, my stomach flipping with excitement and anticipation. Waiting for Pete to receive his ticket, I am eagerly wanting to be inside the building already. A group of people chatting outside the door, completely ignorant to the fact that Jimmy and Walter (band members from Foals) casually walked out of the entrance. The whole moment flashed by my eyes so quickly, but I remember being just stood there; paralysed from shock, unable to speak at the fact the Bassist and Guitarist of Foals were within a 10 metre radius. Jimmy caught my bewildered stare for a few seconds, as I passively tapped Pete on the arm, unable to tear my eyes from two out of the five-piece band. My eyes followed them as they opened another door and went back inside the building. They were gone.


As the lights rose and the interlude of synths blared though the speakers, the band members came on one by one; Jack (drummer) being the first, and Yannis (singer), last. The crowd’s screams and applauds were wild, welcoming Foals’ presence to the stage. The five-piece Oxford band performed some of their best credible songs, including Inhaler, Providence, My Number, Spanish Sahara, Two Steps Twice and one of their most recent and eponymous, What Went Down. Energy frantically bounced around the room, as singing, dancing and mosh pits occurred during the set list. Beads of heat from the overjoyed audience that all shared the love of music in common dripped off of every individual involved. “ARE YOU FUCKING READY CARDIFF?” “Let’s make this Sunday night entertainment into Saturday night entertainment!” Shouted the band’s frontman, Yannis before Providence was played. Providence and Spanish Sahara were the two songs that were most memorable throughout the whole gig for me, as Providence’s riffs and drops allowed the crowd to go absolutely insane, mosh pitting uncontrollably. Tranquil Spanish Sahara is not only my favourite song of Foals’, but it is also my favourite song ever, therefore finally watching it live gave me the most spectacular, ecstatic feeling that gushed through my veins like the sweetest disease.

Sunday 8th November 2015 is a night that shall not be forgotten; the phenomenon of escapism never felt so sweet. Foals, you absolutely smashed the set, you never fail to impress.


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