Going Veggie

Hello you wonderful people! I just want to start by profoundly apologising for the lack of posts recently- exam season was absolutely manic, and cramming, coffee and snack food seemed to be my best friends for three weeks. Not to heartbreakingly mention that Netflix, socialising and anything non-revision related had to become my worst enemies. But exams are over (for now), Netflix and my bed are feeling loved again, and I am now hopeful to get back into blogging for y’all.

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Changes to Blog

Okay, so this is (embarrassingly) my first post of 2016, and it is definitely too late to say (but I’m going to say it anyway); I hope you all had lovely a Christmas and New Year! Better late than never ay? *Grimaces*

You may have noticed – or I’m kidding myself that you have- that I have changed my blog name to ‘coffeeandchapters‘. I decided to do this because it not only describes me to a T, but I also felt that my previous blog name wasn’t catchy and it had a slightly awkward way about it. I am much happier with ‘coffeeandchapters‘ *sips coffee*, so that is where you find my blog in the future!

New Year’s Resolution (with a plot twist)…

Now I’m going to be a typical blogger and talk about New Year resolutions… no one keeps them… blah blah blah. We’ve all heard that one before. But this year’s new year resolution has been a huge change to my life so far. From January 1st, I have gone vegetarian. Yep, you heard me right, I’m vegetarian (well, pescatarian – I still eat fish). I had been pondering about becoming about being a non-meat eater, however with the complications of being at home over Christmas, I decided that it would probably be best starting in the new year, when I am at university cooking for myself. So when I woke up New Year’s Day with a hangover that felt like every death-like feeling had been absorbed into of my body, I froze in my bed; staring at the ceiling thinking about how I didn’t fully cherish my last Nando’s meal. Don’t think I’m kidding. After I pulled myself together, a swarm of curiosity and excitement jaded by uncertainty of what to expect churned in my stomach… that or it might have been the alcohol from the night before – who knows.

Why I Chose Veggie

I received numerous why’s, popping eyes accompanied by tightened eyebrows, and was grilled by my entire family (excuse the wonderfully ironic pun) throughout the duration of my supposedly relaxing Christmas break about trying out a non-meat eater lifestyle. Despite this, I persevered with my choice due to several reasons. Animal agriculture and grazing is immensely damaging to our environment, however I’m not going to sit here and preach you all to death about eating meat (that would be ironically un-veggie of me ha). With this in mind, it’s just a personal choice I have been keen to try. (If you want to know some more information about this however, I will list some sources at the end of this blog post).

Factor no. 2 of vegging up my life: to explore new exotic foods, recipes and just generally detox my body from fatty and fried foods. Experimenting with new fresh foods sounded more than appealing after eating such rich foods over Christmas, resulting in waddling back to the welcoming arms of uni life and exams ahead of me. So becoming veggie has enabled me to discover new fresh foods, such as kale, tofu and different seeds, pulses and beans, not to mention consolidating my eternal love for spinach and avocado (how White Girl of me). By consuming these colourful bundles of nutrition, I have felt surprisingly energetic and positive mentally and physically.

Of course animal cruelty underlies a reason for changing my diet, however my reasonings for being a vegetarian aren’t passionately dedicated to animals as I understand why people eat meat. Why else would McDonald’s be so popular? I mostly concerned my change of lifestyle with the environment and my personal diet factors, of which I am still dedicated to.

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Progress So Far

So I have been a veggie for exactly one month and I can honestly say that it is going much better than I had expected. Cravings for meat have been minimal, and I have resisted when they have occasionally occurred. And I am even proud to say that every time I have – to put it pleasantly- been on an alcohol fuelled night (and don’t ask how many times please, my answer is embarrassing), I have even ordered veggie burgers whenever I hear McDonald’s whispering my name. FYI, McDonald’s veggie burgers are absolutely incredible. And I’m not just saying that to prove a point. Pfft, and there was me thinking chicken nuggets would be my greatest downfall *inserts flexing biceps emoji*.

I have had one slip within the first 2 weeks of becoming veggie, which was accidentally eating marshmallows (on a hot chocolate- can you blame me?) without realising that they contain gelatine until after. The moment of awareness on the bus home from the coffee shop consisted of my eyes tearing away from my phone, looking up with realisation and shifting my eyes side to side with guilt. Oops. However I feel as though that slip up has made me warier about what I am eating, and I have been careful ever since.

I have no idea how long I intend to keep my non-meat eating up; I’m not setting myself a target, I am just going to continue it as long as I am happy and most importantly, healthy.

So there we go, my New Year’s resolution twist- bet you didn’t see that one coming, ay? I could easily ramble on even more about my vegetarian experience, however I have decided to use it as an excuse to write blogs about my progress and tips and info about vegetarianism. My aim is not to project my opinion or boast about the fact I am veggie (it can be stigmatised that us veg-lovers do), it’s purely to inform and share my personal experience. Absolutely riveting.

Information and Sources

If you would like some more information about animal agriculture, I would definitely recommend to watch documentary, Cowspiracy. (Can be found on Netflix or possibly even YouTube). Although the research is based on American animal agriculture, which you should be aware can be different to the UK farming industry, it is still a crucial issue that the world is responsible for.

Cowspiracy website: http://www.cowspiracy.com 

You might also want to check out:

Humane Society International: http://www.hsi.org/issues/climate_change/

Wikipedia Animal Agriculture: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intensive_animal_farming


“Cows produce 150 billion gallons of methane per day.   [i]

Ross, Philip. “Cow farts have ‘larger greenhouse gas impact’ than previously thought; methane pushes climate change.” International Business Times. 2013.

250-500 litres per cow per day, x 1.5 billion cows globally is 99 – 198.1 billion gallons. Rough average of 150 billion gallons CH4 globally per day. ”

Source taken from Conspiracy: http://www.cowspiracy.com/facts/

(Disclaimer –  I don’t like to preach or tell people what they should do, so my views about being a vegetarian are not intended to be forced upon people, just simply explaining my own personal beliefs).

Images: By Rachel Jefferies



5 thoughts on “Going Veggie

  1. Well… If naturally say that it’s a great choice/ experience for someone to have/go through. It sounds healthy, refreshing and could be fun. However, meat is a sorce of food that is good for our health and also our diet. As a meat eater it doesn’t mean you need to eat meat 24/7, you could have salad through the day, in work or uni. But then in the evening you'”could’ have some chicken. You said about going off meat because of all the rubbish meat you have had. A change is good for the mental mind. But why not be a meat eater, cook your own healthy and tasty meals with a lot of salad and a bit of meat on the side?


    1. A good point, but as I have stated, I have decided to cut out meat from my diet for also environmental reasons. Researching about how much of an impact farming strains the health of our world has changed the way I feel about meat too. I understand that people eat meat because I have eaten it for 19 years of my life, however I just fancied a change to my lifestyle! It’s a lot more of a relaxed diet also, not worrying whether meat is edible/cooked and I am enjoying fresh foods. I value your point, but it’s just a personal choice that’s all! x


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