How to Style Jewellery From Day-to-Night

Up until the last 3 years or so, jewellery really wasn’t my thing. In fact, accessories weren’t my thing. And if anything, I used to forget to accessorize my outfits. However, when I started to interpret jewellery and accessories within my style, I quickly realised that something so simple, such as the small detail of necklaces, can transform your outfit – from casual, everyday wear to sophisticated evening-style.

What I wear: day

When it comes to jewellery, I am a watch girl. By that, I mean that watches are my favourite pieces of jewellery. Ironic, because I’m late to pretty much everything in my life. But hey ho, at least the watch looks good… A simplistic and modest style, my Cluse watch is an accessory I wear everyday without fail. Complementing any day-time outfit, I am hugely fond of the clear face, and the watch’s design is timelessly modern.


I’ve never been a loud costume jewellery lover, as I always feel like the little details speak much louder when styling your outfit’s accessories. Pretty and simple is what I look for. Through the courtesy of my work with Stylist, I was given a My Shining Armour necklace and I have not stopped wearing this beauty! 18ct gold-plated necklace, this simplistic yet stunning necklace is definitely one of my new favourites to accessorize any day outfit with.


I have recently rediscovered my love for chokers, completing any daytime outfit that needs that little bit more detail to finish its ‘look’. Velvet, lace, you name it – chokers are now available in various materials, adding that finished edge to any outfit that needs a little more oomph!


What I wear: evening

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You can probably tell that this watch has been worn endlessly. That’s because it has. Working in a jewellery store, this was the first piece of jewellery I treated myself to, and I am still in love with it just as much as the day I did the day I spotted it behind the counter. The secret when it comes to evening-wear abides by the famous rule, less is more. Petite pieces of jewellery are always a winner, especially if you only need to polish and complete an outfit due to your evening outfit already being a statement itself. Although this dainty watch is considerably smaller than my day-time Cluse watch, this Rotary classic never fails to introduce a subtle charm to any evening outfit.


Switching the colours up, these two pieces are my absolute favourite for when I’m feeling less gold, and more silver. Both complementing each other, the eternity ring my parents bought me for my 18th birthday, and the Casio Sheen Bijou watch I bought afterwards to match with the blue diamonds and silver tones from my ring. Casio describe their range of Sheen Bijou watches as “[showcasing] delicate and petite styles, that radiate femininity for those who love their accessories to be simple and subtle”, which is exactly what this watch does! Although I wear this ring every day, I feel as though the watch’s sparkle details completes the classic look during evening outfits.


You can probably guess the theme here… Rose gold bangles/bracelets. Rose gold took me a long time to become fond of, as I was so used to just the plain old silver or gold. However I’d probably go as far to say that rose gold is possibly one of my favourite colours of jewellery to wear. The pretty, delicate colour isn’t too overpowering, and it is the perfect colour to transform from day-to-night.


Products featured:

Rose gold Cluse watch: Cluse

18ct yellow gold tone ‘O’ necklace: My Shining Armour

Khaki material choker: River Island, £5

Pink nude velvet choker: River Island

Gold tone Rotary watch: Rotary, £175

Silver tone Casio Sheen watch: H Samuel, unknown 

Sterling silver & blue diamond eternity ring: Ernest Jones

Ted Baker rose gold button bangle: Ted Baker

Ball rose 14ct gold-plated bangle: Pia

Chamilia pink leather braid charm bracelet: H Samuel

Photograph credits: Rachel Jefferies


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