A New Chapter

Why hello there, stranger. So, it has felt like an extremely lengthy time since I last published a blog post... and that's probably because it has been an extremely lengthy time. Normally I would bombard you all who kindly do take the time to read my blog posts with apologies, excuses and how I am embarrassed at [...]


Going Veggie

Hello you wonderful people! I just want to start by profoundly apologising for the lack of posts recently- exam season was absolutely manic, and cramming, coffee and snack food seemed to be my best friends for three weeks. Not to heartbreakingly mention that Netflix, socialising and anything non-revision related had to become my worst enemies. [...]

5 Sayings That Were Never Cool. EVER.

Rewind back to the inevitable period of your life when you thought you were a 'cool' kid. Don't deny you didn't have one because we all have had them; some probably stronger than others. And although I'm sure it is part of your life you have hoped to have long forgotten, I'm afraid I'm going [...]


So as stated in a previous blog post, I was accepted into Cardiff University in August... and how time flies, because it's already October 4th, meaning that I have now been studying at Cardiff University for two whole weeks! Anxious with what to expect (or should I say, what not to expect) at first, I have [...]